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Need a place to find answers, advice or meet new race friends? Just wanna speak out???? Look no further, you will find all of that and more at:


  First and foremost....The Ratbag developers site. The place you can go for Leadfoot Game info and support.. If Leadfoot is the only game you have from Ratbag, I highly recomend you check out the other racing games they have to offer. There's not a bad one in the bunch...
  If you wanna know the "How 2's" on track building, texture editing and creating your ownn custom Leadfoot Vehicle, this is the site for you.... The site also features custom tracks never before seen on the net. Check it out! If you are into Leadfootin', I strongly recomend you make a visit...
  Xcelerated Concepts is a brand new site still in development. They will feature newly Modified cars and trucks for your favorite racing games and much more, with their specialty being games from Ratbag. They currently feature "Ghost Mode" for Leadfoot and DTR with more goodies on the way.Check them out and watch them grow.
  What can I say... Just a great all around Leadfoot/Ratbag league site.... They (like us) are allways looking for dedicated sim racers and have alot of goodies on-site for you to check out and download...
  Message Boards, reviews, free downloads and more! A Complete site for fans of Leadfoot, and your all around "Sim racing Junkies"
  If your looking to get yourself a new wheel, you definitly need to go here first!!!! Lots of good information and advice which should help you to choose the perfect new input device for your system.
  A complete site for online, off-road sim racing. They have a huge link list and pretty much anything else conscerning racing. I definitly recomend everyone pay at least one visit There.
Well known as the "ultimate" Powerslide racers site. (Ratbag's first race game) If you are into competition and you want to find racers, you need to check this one out...They also have a very active and entertaining forum. The Powerslide Forum
  An on-line league site dedicated to Dirt Track Racing. Lots of stats, links and DTR info.
  This is a club site for Grand Prix Legends. They have lots of links and info and allways welcome newbee's that want to join. Hell, they even let me join!!!


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