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1. All RRL members need to download and install Paltalk. This is where we meet 15 minutes prior to event time for the drivers meeting.

2.All members must submit their driver name to me (Grim) prior to the first event of the season. They must use this name, and only this name in all RRL races to avoid confusion. (please try and make your driver name no more than 8 or 9 characters, with no references to other leagues, teams or clubs.)

3. Each member is required to submit a custom league skin 48 hours prior to the seasons first event, and must use this skin at all league races. note: if you cannot create a skin for some reason, there are some available on the download page that you are free to claim as your own for the season.

4. To access league members files, including the Rooster2, League skins and track setups, Members are required to sign up for a Tripod/Lycos account. Once you do that, you need to inform me of your login name (not your password ) so i can add you to the league's access list.

5. Since this is a "Set-up Sharing" league, the top 5 finishers from the previous weeks event (based on points awarded) are required to submit a setup for the next events track, between 9:00pm eastern time on Tuesday's (3:00pm Wednesday in Austraila) and 9:00pm eastern time on Thursday (3:00pm Friday in Australia) prior to the event. Any of the said members who Fail to submit a valid setup between these times, will have 2 points deducted from their Qualifying Heat results and 3 points deducted from their Feature Race results (should they qualify for the Feature race) and will start the Feature Race at the back of the pack. All other members may submit a setup if they choose to, but it is not mandatory. note: members are not required to submit setups for events that they do not participate in.

Recomended Downloads:
Because of its size, i won't require members to have ICQ, but i strongly recomend that you get it for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, should paltalk have a problem on league night and not be accessable, (which happends occasionally) icq will be our back up for informing drivers when and where (ip) they will race. If you dont have it, you will have no way of knowing the ip address of the event. Another reason to have it is for practice. Since you cant run the Rooster2 at gamespy, ICQ is the perfect place to hook up with other RRL members to practice and work on setups.
Point System:
Feature Race   Qualifying Heat
1st place 30 points   1st place 20 points
2nd place 27 points   2nd place 18 points
3rd place 24 points   3rd place 16 points
4th place 22 points   4th place 14 points
5th place 20 points   5th place 12 points
6th place 18 points   Provisional 10 points
7th place 16 points      
8th place 15 points      
Provisional 13 points      
Bonus Points: There will be a 3 point bonus awarded for the driver with the fastest lap of the event. (Lap times from Shoot-out's are not valid.)
Note: Provisional points for event "no shows" can vary. For example: if there are only 6 members at an event, then the the provisional points awarded for the feature race will be the equivalent of the points usually awarded for a 7th place finish. This is done to keep the league as competitive as possible.
Race Format:        
Number of drivers Number of Heats Drivers in Feature Shoot-out Race  
5 or less 1 all no  
6 - 8 2 all no  
9 - 14 3 8 yes  
Each driver that is present in the Leadfooters room in Paltalk on or before event time will be guaranteed two races. All drivers will race 1 Qualifying Heat and race either in the Shoot-out, the Feature, or both. (depending on the number of drivers present at the event) Which Qualifying Heat a driver races in, is based on the amount of points that driver earned at the previous event. For example: If we have 9 drivers present, the top 3 drivers from the previous event will be in heat 1, the 4th thru 6th place finishers will be in second heat and so on...For this reason drivers must be present in paltalk on or before event time to be eligable for that event. Once the clock on my computer reads 7:00pm the night of the event, i will announce the drivers in the first Qualifying Heat and all drivers not present in the meeting room at that time, will not be eligable for that event. The top 2 drivers from each Qualifying Heat will automatically advance to the Feature race. (when there are 9 or more drivers at an event) The remaining drivers will race a 5 lap Shoot-out to fill the remaining 2 spots in the Feature.(no points awarded for Shoot-out's) The starting grid for the Feature race will be determined by where a driver finished in the Qualifying Heat, with the winner of the first Heat on the pole. The winner of the second Heat in the #2 spot and so on... Once a race line-up is announced and the ip is issued, please give ample time for all drivers to arrive at the race (at least 5 minutes) before you start the race. Once a race is started, please be aware during the first lap or two (depending on the size or the track) that there are the same amount of drivers in the race as there was at the start. If you notice that there is a driver missing during this time, please park your truck at the spot that was determined in the drivers meeting, until all drivers have seen you and escaped the race. After this is done, please once again give ample time for the driver who was ejected from the race, to re-connect to the game. Should this happen a second time, the same rule applys. Should this happen on the third race start, then the driver or drivers who were ejected from the race will have to take a DNF and the race will continue. Should it be determined later by inspecting the server log, that a driver left a race (by hitting the escape button)during the first two laps just to get a re-start, that driver will automatically be banned from racing in the RRL.
Provisional (no show) Points:
We understand that for a number of reasons, not all RRL members can be present for every event of the season. For this reason, we will award provisional points to any member who is absent from an event. Since we are looking for members who are reliable and dedicated to on-line racing, each driver will be limited to 3 no show provisionals. Should a driver miss a forth event during season, that driver will either receive 0 points for that event, or will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.
Season2 Code Of Conduct
First and foremost, this league is about fun. If one of us turns out to be the fastest 'footer on the planet, great, but that is NOT at all why this league was conceived. Therefore, this page is to set the record straight as to what is expected of ALL members. READ this thoroughly and carefully (it is intended to help maintain the competitiveness of the league for ALL memebers), or you may experience the consequences stated herein.

1) Sharing setups:
This is to make a fun, competitive and a LEVEL playing field for all of the members, so it is listed here FIRST.
Top placers are required to submit LEGITIMATE setups for any member to use and/or tweak to their tastes. Remember, this means that once (if) you tweak a shared setup to a better average lap time, you ARE required to re-share it to any member that wants to try it (yes...right up until heat time). This is one reason we show up in paltalk at LEAST 15 minutes early. That is enough time to share the new set to people in the 1st heat, and more than ample time to share it to the remaining members that are waiting for their heats. If you end up with 'the' setup of the had better get there in time to share it, or post it at the site and post a note in the FORUM stating that you have done this. We all know the way around the tracks, so an ILLIGITIMATE setup will stick out like a sore thumb. Posting of such setups is cause for REMOVAL from the next weeks' event, with NO points given for it. Posting such setups twice during the season is deemed cause for PERMANENT removal from the LEAGUE. Remember, these are not sprint-type races.

2) Attitudes:
Do NOT take up issues that may arise in race or otherwise in the League server OR in paltalk main window!! ALWAYS talk to Grim or Roo in PRIVATE about it so we can attempt to resolve it with minimal impact to the mood and/or the egos ANY racers.
If you want to taunt others cause you are SO it in a PRIVATE window, and only to those that it does not bother..basically, if you are that fast with the shared setup, just prove it in the race. Keep the main paltalk window freed up (from excessive text). Ignoring this guideline or talking 'it' on the mic will result in you being muted. This way, Grim or Roo can do what it is there that we need TO do (calling heats and awswering any last minute questions.. but after having read the rules page AND this [which ARE required reading for all members]... there should not be too many questions..right?).
In the RACE SERVER (during events):
To help expedite things... No whining, no taunting, no roger wilco, no downloads, ICQ, IE, FTP apps ect..OFF, just friends having fun. :) Again, the race admin needs to be able to say what NEEEDS said, and not all can see WHAT he says if there is a lot of text going up by the excited racers. In a nutshell, there is ALOT more going on than what meets the eye there (especially while points are being alloted), and there are a only limited number of readable text lines with NO scroll function.

If an occasional lag/warp tag (or even an occasional dumb move) offends you, this is deffinitely NOT the league for you. We have made many considerations (since we are using these fast rides) to get to this point so that even if you DNF in a heat, you can STILL make it to the feature by placing in the Shoot Out race. It is simply a place to have fast fun experiences with a group of buddies with similar online racing interests. Let's ALL do our best to keep it that way.

The RRL Season2 Admins thank you in advance for your cooperation in all of these matters.

We (Grim and Roo) reserve the right to add, remove or change any of the above stated, or not stated rules, as well as remove any league member based on attendance, as well as conduct both in the game and in Paltalk.