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New and rescently updated items are dated with Green text.

League Vehicle Files
Item Size Updated Link
Rooster3 Chassis w/skin 211k 5/11 Download
Rooster3 Template 67k 5/13 Download
Latest Track Set-ups
Track_Member Link
-- Download
-- Download
-- Download
-- Download



Misc Tools and Utilities
Item Description Size Link
Editor This utility allows you to edit the ".tex" files in Ratbag games.This is useful in Leadfoot for changing the backround images when building or creating an add-on track. 17k Download
Custom Wheels If you are into making your own custom skins for Leadfoot, then this is a "must have". This zip contains over 20 custom wheels you can copy, paste and resize to your tga files and spice up the looks of your favorite skins. It also contains an index for easy look-up. 138k Download
No Grime I don't know about you, but i hate having a great looking skin for a custom chassis and when i take a pic of it in the game, it has dirt splattered all over it. This is due to one file in each custom cars folder called "grime.tga". This zip contains a "Clean Grime" tga file for each of the original Leadfoot chassis. 3k Download
Roger Wilco This is a great "in game" talk application. Really comes in handy if two or three people want to work on set ups together. As far as i know, there isn't one thats better than Roger Wilco. 347k Download


Add-on Tracks
Item Catgry Size Link
Sullivan w/Tex Update Track 1.7m Download
Wix w/Texture Update Track 1.7m Download
Williams w/ tex Update Track 1.9m Download
Monster Mile w/update Track 2.5m Download
Trucks and Buggys
Chassis Name Class Size Link
Ghost Chassis ALL   Download
Rooster Truck 181k Download
Rooster2 (Ghost) Truck 89k Download
Patriot Truck 149k Download
Sabre Truck 142k Download
Warthog Buggy 140k Download
BuggyMaddness Buggy 161k Download
4 Speed Buggy 177k Download
Smurf Cycle Buggy 199k Download



Misc Leadfoot Skins
NOTE: You need to change the first line in the "skin.str" file to read "Advanced" on skins labled "Adv/Rooster"
NOTE: You need to change the first line in the " skin.str " file to read " Pioneer " on skins labled " Pioneer/R2 " .
pic Skin Chassis Link
preview Buckskin Adv/Rooster Download
preview Bulldog Adv/Rooster Download
preview Hemi Adv/Rooster Download
preview Hotwheels Adv/Rooster Download
preview JR-Koggs Adv/Rooster Download
preview King Petty Adv/Rooster Download
preview 210 Skin Adv/Rooster Download
preview DownUnder Adv/Rooster Download
preview Beavis Bug Amoba Download
preview Cama Green Advanced Download
  Eagles Pride Advanced Download
preview Grim Junior Dune Boy Download
preview Grimmer1 Advanced Download
preview Grim Reefer Rustler Download
preview B.Labonte Advanced Download
preview Dale Jr Advanced Download
preview Dale Sr Advanced Download
preview E.M.B Advanced Download
preview Blood/Guts Advanced Download
preview Joker Pioneer Download
preview Green Flame Pioneer/R2 Download
preview Grim Reefer Pioneer/R2 Download
preview Hoosier Pioneer/R2 Download
pic Skin Chassis Link
preview American Pride Adv/Rooster Download
  RH Skin Adv/Rooster Download
preview V-Max Adv/Rooster Download
  SFH Adv/Rooster Download
preview Thorne Adv/Rooster Download
preview Tweety Truck Adv/Rooster Download
preview V8 Adv/Rooster Download
preview Wylde Ride Adv/Rooster Download
preview Little Grim Amoba Download
preview Roobah 1 Advanced Download
preview Snapon Flames Adv/Rooster Download
preview Threester Pioneer Download
preview Wild Cherry Dune Boy Download
preview White Hot Advanced Download
preview Jeff Gordon Advanced Download
preview Kiwi Magic Advanced Download
preview M. Waltrip Advanced Download
preview Steve Park Advanced Download
preview Aqua Spot Advanced Download
preview Scorpian Pioneer Download
preview Spiderman Pioneer/R2 Download
preview Kicker Pioneer/R2 Download
preview Budweiser 11 Pioneer/R2 Download


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