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Grim's View



Well, so far with a quarter of the season in the books things are going pretty good with relativly few problems. I am very pleased with the turnout we have had so far both at the events, as well as the amount of practicing going on during the week at the server. In three events this season, we have had 3 different Feature winners with every driver earning a trophy of some kind for driving performance.

This season started with 13 drivers signing up for the league and 11 of them are still with us. Of the 11, six return from last season and we have 5 rookies (new members or members that drove in less than 3 events last season)

So far for the first half of the season, returning members Pop and Roo are the drivers to beat. They have jumped out ahead of everyone both in the standings as well as in total victorys and the fastest drivers index. Pop, the defending RRL champion with his steady and consistant performances is leading the league, which should come as no surprize to anyone. Right up there to give him a challenge is Roo. Roo has allways been fast, but this season has dedicated alot more of his time to working on his setups and practicing, to become the number one threat to de-throne the defending champion.

As for the other 4 returning members, Flyer is still very fast and allways a treat to take it all and WyldeSnake can blow by you at any given moment. I would have to say that most improved driver so far (except for maybe Roo) is Radical. He started the season a little shakey, but showed his improvement at Bracken Bowl last week by winning his heat race (his first ever RRL victory) and finished a very respectable 4th in the Feature race. This leaves 1 returning member, Grim (myself) I have to dub myself the most dissapointing driver so far. I started the season good with a 3rd place finish at the first event, but since have finished the last 2 Feature races in 7th place. The good news is, the season is young and theres allways the second half.....

Now lets take a look at the 5 rookies we have in the league. The 2 most outstanding so far are Johnson92 and Koggs. Johnson92 because of his "Drive to improve". He started the season struggling to keep up with the front runners, but never gave up. He has probably logged more practice time on the server than anyone this year and it has payed off. He got the victory last week by holding off Pop in the 30 lap feature at Bracken Bowl and is on his way to the top. The other outstanding rookie is Koggs, who is not only the most consistant newbee, but possibly the most consistant driver period in the entire league. Both these guys are only 1 point out of 3rd place tied for 4th in the league standings. Thunder is a Leadfoot veteran that has shown he is fast, but has fallen on some bad luck so far this season. Luckily, there are still 9 weeks to go and plenty of time to turn it around. The other 2 rookies, Player210 and Weasel are relative newcommers to Leadfoot and are still learning the ropes. I feel that if they hang in there, the will settle down and by the second half of the season will be legitimate trophy contenders.

Finally, I want to send out a special thanks to Roo. His help in both the structure of the league as well as his persistant behind the scenes work with the Leadfooters Forum and landing us a 24/7 full time dedicated server has made this league more fun than I ever imagined it could be. So guys, don't forget to thank him when you get a chance, and show your thanks by using the facilities (the forum and the server) that he has worked so hard to provide for us.

Good luck all, and happy motoring......

See you on the tracks,